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Tips for Seniors Looking to Downsize

For many seniors, the choice to downsize comes after retirement or following health issues that limit mobility and make accessibility in their current home difficult. Others are simply looking to save a little money each month. Downsizing can help with all of those things and more, but it’s important to have a good plan in place before you get started. Knowing what to expect will help you make smart choices so you can find the perfect home for your needs.

It’s also important to have a financial plan in place from the beginning, so setting a budget is essential. Being knowledgeable about the area you live in will help immensely, so it will be a good idea to either do some research online or enlist the help of a real estate agent. Take a drive through the neighborhoods in your area to get a feel for prices and what’s available.

Know what you’re looking for

It’s imperative to do your research and figure out exactly what you’re looking for in the very beginning. Set a budget, think about locations, and narrow down what type of home is right for you. If you or your partner have health or mobility issues, you’ll probably want a home that doesn’t have stairs or a big yard to take care of. You may want a home that is close to family or is only a few minutes away from the doctor or grocery store, so location will be important. Once you have a good idea of what you want, enlist the help of a realtor who can help you find exactly the right spot.

Downsize your stuff

Downsizing your home also means downsizing your belongings. Since you’ll have less space, it’s important to go through each room of your house and make some choices. It will help if you have the layout of your new place because this will allow you to see where windows and doors are so you can picture where furniture will go, and it will help you weed out large belongings that just won’t fit.

Downsizing can be a very emotional process, so it’s a good idea to ask close friends or family for help during this time. They can assist you when it comes to deciding what to get rid of, what to donate, and what to pass down to loved ones.

Pack well

Packing up can be a big job, which can add to the stress of moving. Staying organized and being prepared will help quite a bit, so gather all your packing materials in one place and start in one room rather than trying to get everything done at once. It’s a good idea to clean the entire house and declutter before you pack so that all the like items are already together. Write out a packing list for each box and tape it to the outside so you can find things easily.

Take care

Taking care of yourself on moving day is essential. Make sure you stay hydrated, eat small snacks all throughout the day, and rest when you need to. Hire movers or ask friends and family to help out, and don’t be shy about delegating jobs. Remember, you can’t do it all yourself!

Downsizing requires a lot of planning and thought, so it’s important to remember that the process may take a while. Try to be patient and take care of yourself so that stress and anxiety won’t be an issue. This can be an exciting time, so take advantage of it!

Guest Blogger:  Michael Longsdon

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