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Importance of a Good List Price

1. A correct list price is probably the most important thing a
homeowner and their Realtor can agree on to produce a

2. Picking a Realtor because he or she suggests the highest listing price is probably the worst thing you can do.
3. Pick a Realtor because that person knows how to price
a property correctly (and can justify it to you using market

4. Since no two houses are ever identical in terms of location,
decoration, and timing (when offered for sale), then pricing
becomes an important aspect, and indeed, almost an art!

5. A house offered for sale generates the most interest in the
first few days it is listed. Realtors size it up. If there is
good value, that is, the house is worth the asking price,
then Realtors will keep track of it -- even if there are
loads of listings available.

6. Listing a house too high to start with and then reducing
the price systematically every 30 days through list price
reductions just doesn’t get the same results.

7. Realtors don’t spend as much time analyzing reductions
as they do in looking at new listings.

8. The longer a house is on the market, the more people think
there is something fundamentally wrong with it -- even if
there isn’t. It’s human nature. In many instances, a seller
receives less money for his house than if he and/or she
listed it properly from day one.

 9. Avoiding the extra anxiety that comes from taking months to sell a house that should only have taken a few weeks to sell because too high a list price was chosen.


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